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ccna training in pune
CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate First level Certificate

CCNA ( Cisco Certified Network Associate) Certification is the First in line of Cisco Certification. The CCNA Provide a solid foundation of Cisco IOS and Cisco Hardware. As a CCNA Certified you can install Cisco IOS. Configure Various Routing Protocol, Frame Relay, Serial Connection. You can also install configure And manage the LAN Switching , VLANS Access Lists. Describe network Basic This course is also covering ICND1 and ICND2 certification exams! . We start the Institute not for money making so if you have Belong to Poor family (BPL) You can Join This Course Free Of Cost... We also Salute Great Talent for other this course is availble in upto 100 % Refund of Fee.


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Course Contents Of CCNA

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Course Duration for ccsa... 45 Days

Exam Fees of ccsa... $295

Topics Of CCNA .

we will cover followin Topics

  • * Recognize the purpose and functions of various network devices such as routers, switches, bridges and hubs
    Select the components required to meet a given network specification
    Identify common applications and their impact on the network
    Describe the purpose and basic operation of the protocols in the OSI and TCP/IP models
    Predict the data flow between two hosts across a network
    Identify the appropriate media, cables, ports, and connectors to connect Cisco network devices to other network devices and hosts in a LAN

  • * Determine the technology and media access control method for Ethernet networks
    * Identify basic switching concepts and the operation of Cisco switches
    * Configure and verify initial switch configuration including remote access management
    * Verify network status and switch operation using basic utilities such as ping telnet
    * Configure and verify VLANs
    * Identify enhanced switching technologies RSTP,PVSTP,Etherchannels
    * Configure and verify PVSTP operation

  • * Describe the operation and necessity of using private and public IP addresses for IPv4 addressing
    * Identify the appropriate IPv6 addressing scheme to satisfy addressing requirements in a LAN/WAN environment
    * Identify the appropriate IPv4 addressing scheme using VLSM and summarization to satisfy addressing requirements in a LAN/WAN environment.
    * Describe the technological requirements for running IPv6 in conjunction with IPv4 ,a dual stack
    * Describe IPv6 addresses such as a global unicast, multicast, link local, unique local, eui 64, auto-configuration

  • * Describe basic routing concepts such as packet forwarding, router lookup process, Process Switching/Fast Switching/CEF
    * Configure and verify utilizing the CLI to set basic Router configuration such as a hostname, local user and password, enable secret password, console and VTY logins, exec-timeout, service password encryption,Interface IP Address ,loopback, banner, motd,copy run start
    * Implement business continuity and disaster recovery
    * Configure and verify operation status of a device interface - a Serial, Ethernet
    * Verify router configuration and network connectivity using - a ping ,extended,traceroute, telnet, SSH, cdp neighbors
    * Configure and verify routing configuration for a static or default route given specific routing requirements
    4.6 Differentiate methods of routing and routing protocols - Static versus Dynamic, Link state versus Distance Vector, next hop, ip routing table,Passive Interfaces (how they work),Admin Distance,split horizon,metric,Configure and verify OSPF,a Benefit of single area, Configure OSPv2, Configure OSPv3, Router ID, Passive Interface, Discuss multi-area OSPF, Understand LSA types and purpose, ,Configure and verify interVLAN routing (Router on a stick),sub interfaces, upstream routing,encapsulation,Configure SVI interfaces, Manage Cisco IOS Files, Boot Preferences, Cisco IOS Images (15), Licensing ,Show license,Change license,Configure and verify EIGRP (single AS), Feasible Distance/Feasible Successors/Administrative distance,Feasibility condition,Metric composition,Router ID,auto summary,Path Selection,Load Balancing ,Unequal, Equal

  • * Configure and verify DHCP (IOS Router) - Configuring router interfaces to use DHCP, DHCP options (basic overview and functionality), Excluded addresses, Lease time
    * Describe the types, features, and applications of ACLs- .a standard (editing and sequence numbers), extended, named,numbered, Log option
    *Configure and verify ACLs in a network environment -a named, numbered,Log option
    * Identify the basic operation of NAT- a purpose, pool, static,
    * Configure and verify NAT for given network requirements
    * Configure and verify NTP as a client.
    * Recognize High availability (FHRP)- a VRRP, HSRP, GLBP
    * Configure and verify syslog
    * Describe SNMP v2 and v3

  • * Configure and verify network device security features - Device password security, enable secret versus enable, Transport,disable telnet, SSH, VTYs, physical security, service password, Describe external authentication methods
    * Configure and verify Switch Port Security - a Sticky mac,b MAC address limitation,c static/dynamic,d violation mode,e shutdown unused ports,f err disable recovery,g assign unused ports in unused VLANs,h putting Native VLAN to other than VLAN
    * Configure and verify ACLs to filter network traffic
    *Configure and verify ACLs to limit telnet and SSH access to the router

  • * Troubleshoot and correct common problems associated with IP addressing and host configurations
    * Troubleshoot and resolve VLAN problems
    * Troubleshoot and resolve trunking problems on Cisco switches
    * Troubleshoot and resolve ACL issues
    * 5 Troubleshoot and resolve Layer 1 problems
    * Identify and correct common network problems
    * Troubleshoot and resolve spanning tree operation issues
    * Troubleshoot and resolve routing issues
    * Troubleshoot and resolve OSPF problems
    * Troubleshoot and resolve EIGRP problems
    * Troubleshoot and resolve interVLAN routing problems
    * Troubleshoot and resolve WAN implementation issues
    *Monitor NetFlow statistics
    * TS EtherChannel problems

  • * Identify different WAN technologies - Metro ethernet, VSAT, Cellular 3g/4g, MPLS, T1/E1, ISDN, DSL. Frame relay, Cable, VPN
    * Configure and verify a basic WAN serial connection
    * Configure and verify a PPP connection between Cisco routers
    * Configure and verify Frame Relay on Cisco routers
    * Implement and troubleshoot PPPoE

    For More Details you can visit Cisco Website » Click here

How You Will Benefit .

Know about different Routers and switches
Manage a corporate Network
Troubleshoot network connections
kowlegde and configuring varios routing Protocol

Prerequisites .

Fresher or IT support technician with minimum of 0 to 6 months experience.
* Basic Knowldge of networking
* A+ & N+ (hardware and networking) or equivalent knowledge will be added advantage

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Student Testimonials

  • Really Aryantech is one if the best institute In Pune. i had went through many training institute but I never found a institute which will fulfill my queries & questions.

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  • It was very good experience with AryanTech.

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  • I have done 1 Year Course and get a job as Desktop Support. after one Year i got another chance in same Orginastion to configure Router. I contact Aryantech to do CCNA course again.They offer a batch Free of Cost. Nice L card Services.

    Abhjeet sonawane
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  • I always Recommend to all my friends for aryantech .

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  • Hi my first job as desktop Support. after six month I got a call from Aryantech for another job. since last 3 years i got 4 offers from AryanTech. Now i am Sr. System Administrtor. Thanks AryanTech .

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  • I came to know about AryanTech. I visit the office and I say if i join aryantech can i join convergys. they ask some question with me after 20 mins discussion thay say yes you can. now i working in convergys.

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